Managing Your Professional Digital Profile

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Course Overview

Course Overview

Social media profiles make it easier than ever to share personal information about ourselves online, and this can mean that your professional reputation can be at risk. Organisations of all sizes can face financial repercussions and a blow to their reputations when employees make poor choices about what to post online.


When your organisation may be successful at mitigating and reducing risks in the data protection and health & safety realms, there are still many places for improvements when it comes to social media risk management. This module will help participants to gain the skills necessary in today’s social media age, and will help them to make smart choices about what and how to post online.

This course will teach participants to:

  • Understand digital footprints and learn of their importance when it comes to a professional online reputation
  • Create, maintain and monitor online digital profiles in order to enhance – not detract from - their professional reputation
  • Comprehend their legal responsibilities and obligations when it comes to what they post online
  • Regularly assess their online digital profile, and make changes (if necessary) in order to correct any issues with security and professionalism.

Course Details

Lesson Plan

The areas covered in this course include:

  • A comprehensive introduction to your professional digital profile
  • Case studies
  • Pertinent advice and contextual scenarios


Upon completion, you are entitled to a Virtual College certificate, available to download online.


This course takes approximately 1 hour, but this is completely up to the participant.

Target Audience

This Managing Your Professional Digital Profile course is well suited to anyone who utilises social media platforms professionally and/or personally.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.